I think you should be aware that the content is vital for any website. The content, i. e. text and graphic data, will bring visitors to your website. Its design and features are just ways of presenting the content. Even with perfect design and elaborate functionality, the content is still its key element. First and foremost, the content drives the promotion of the website in search engines.

Search engine robots browse websites on a daily basis to index the posted articles, their titles, images used and image signatures, and external links to the website page. Thanks to the relevance, originality and regular updates of the content the website may rank high in the TOP search results to a particular query. Modern search engines are designed not only to index texts, but also to index images.

Use of graphic content and photos is also an essential feature of a website. When visually supported, the data is better grasped by visitors compared to plain text.

For example, a new visitor of a restaurant website will be more willing to see the photos of its interior and the food served, rather than read through the text description, a customer of a photographer would want to see his portfolio and a real estate agency would better present the photos of the properties offered.