Site promotion means attracting more users to visit the site to increase the conversion rate.

For site promotion, we use only the methods of “white hat” SEO. Every year search engines tighten the criteria for getting positive rankings by sites. Refined site content is a key rule for raising the rank of the site in the databases of search engines. A site is likely to become popular if:

  • both the text and the graphic content of the site is absolutely original;
  • the content reflects the topic of the site;
  • the site is constantly growing: new content added and regular updates performed;
  • the site has a high-quality factor of visitor behavior;
  • the site complies with W3O standards;
  • the site does not contain malware (relates to the downloads posted on the website, links to other resources containing malware, malicious scripts and excessive ads);
  • the site is available 24х7х365;
  • The site has to remain under the same domain name for a long period of time.

Recently, search engines have strongly considered the so-called factor of visitor behavior, i.e. the number of pages browsed by the visitor, the time he spent reading each page, and the navigation pattern he used. The change of domain name affects the index, rank and, consequently, the user traffic generated. All the points of the above list shall be noted. Any of them can prevent increasing visitor traffic, or even lead to a complete exclusion of the site from the search results.

The cost of promotion is individually calculated for every project. The principal cost drivers are:

1. Current state of the site. Level of content preparation.

2. Competition. Checking where your competitors are is essential before starting optimization.

3. Analyze queries that will take the site to the top list of the search results.

4. Duration of the optimization. Promotion is a long and labor-intensive process. The minimum duration of the promotion is 3 months. It takes a lot of time because search engines index sites not very often and some time is needed to process the results of the indexation.

5. Other sources of user-generated traffic are ads (Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords), ads on other resources, presence in social media and the number of visitors.