It is a given that any ambitious company needs a website. Any of us spends plenty of time in virtual space these days. Today, customers prefer making judgment of your business with a couple of clicks… Well, let’s talk first things first.

In the early days, website construction used to be a unique privilege and a frivolous remark “Check on my website” provoked delight and envy. Today, having a website is a must even for a micro business. Your website will guide your customers online allowing them to study your product range, feedback, or simply learn the way to your office, all this from anywhere in Russia or elsewhere globally! You can present anything. Make your homepage a gallery of your achievements and awards, present your operation processes or offer a 3-D tour of your premises. Make regular news updates which make the website a lot more relevant, and the contact form will help reach direct customers. Post as much as you need with no limits whatsoever. The professional team of Ogaryov’s Studio will provide you with a perfect solution for your business.

A skillfully designed website has an up-to-date appearance and works fast while making staff routines easier and enhancing feedback results. In fact, it is a 24/7 virtual office. By filling out a floating form the customer can get a prompt reply to an inquiry. A good online catalogue provides full description of goods, stock, specs and price tags and sends the salesperson a complete order. No tiresome phone calls and corrections. Your phone bills will go down and you will have more time for other errands. As for key data and contacts, they will be safely kept in the correspondence history.




You might have had a website for a long time already, but remember: it needs to stay up-to-date, not less than your dear old hardware or your valued wife’s wardrobe. Your wife does not wear the same, though chic, fur coat for years, right? Websites are no exceptions. If your website was developed 5-8 years ago, it may be about high time that you changed both its design and the engine. Ever since, technologies have gone far beyond while you still need to stay in the vanguard. Today, it is hard to fancy a website without interactive fill-out forms, sliders or other jquery elements, and an adaptive design.

Trusting professionals that will come up with a tailored, elegant and functional solution is essential. Should you not shrink your website development budget, you will get exceptional benefits moving forward. Our portfolio published in this website nicely proves this point.